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Discover the benefits of XeroFlor's Pre-Vegetative Roof Systems. Manufactured in the US and Canada, our extensive, lightweight, green roof systems are CSA, FLL & Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Compliant.

XeroFlor Green Roof Features

XeroFlor Green Roof Features

XeroFlor systems - engineered in Germany and refined over more than four decades of rigorous research and development and installation experience.

All XeroFlor components for projects in North America are 100% made in America and Canada.

Pre-Vegetated Green Roof Mat

Sedum and moss vegetation grown with growing medium on a flexible textile carrier.

XF398 Growing Medium

Lightweight growing medium mixed regionally and specifically for use within XeroFlor mats and green roof system build-ups.

XF430 Retention Fleece

Non-woven fabric used to facilitate distribution and storage of water within the root zone.

XF275 Drain Mat

Polymeric entanglements fused to a geotextile fabric to allow excess water drainage below vegetated layers.

XF110, XF120, XF140 Root Barrier

Durable plastic layer placed over the waterproofing membrane to prevent root encrouchment into the building componenets.