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Discover the benefits of XeroFlor's Pre-Vegetative Roof Systems. Manufactured in the US and Canada, our extensive, lightweight, green roof systems are CSA, FLL & Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Compliant.

Green Roof Benefits


Stormwater Management

Green roofs have been demonstrated to retain 60-100% of incoming rainfall. Stormwater retention reduces wastewater treatment facility overflow events (CSO's). Green roof installations are recognized as effective tools for stormwater management in highly developed urban areas.

Energy Savings

Vegetated surfaces deflect solar radiation and reduce thermal loading of roof surfaces and building structures, thereby requiring less energy use for air conditioning systems. These features also combine to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect, a phenomenon of increased regional temperatures caused by thermally loaded cityscapes.

Extended Roof Life

Green roofs block UV radiation and reduce temperature fluctuation, adding decades to roof performance. The extension of roof life results in financial savings for building owners and reductions in landfilled roof demolition waste.

Biological Activity

The installation of green roofs helps return green spaces lost during urban development and encourages the return of biological activity. Green roofs can attract and provide a living environment for various forms of wildlife, including birds, butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects.

Ecological Benefits

Green roofs can greatly reduce runoff contaminants by filtering airborne pollutants, increase oxygens levels, and reduce greenhouse gases. Green roof foliage and roots naturally absorb airborne pollutants while releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere, providing cleaner and safer air for building occupants and the general public.

Aesthetic Value

Green roofs help provide urban environments with aesthetically pleasing roofscapes. Green roofs convert unused roof spaces into relaxing break areas for employees, healing gardens for recovering patients, green cityscapes for office buildings, and many other visually appealing green spaces.