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825 3rd Avenue
New York, NY, 10022
United States

1 866 335-1151

Discover the benefits of XeroFlor's Pre-Vegetative Roof Systems. Manufactured in the US and Canada, our extensive, lightweight, green roof systems are CSA, FLL & Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Compliant.


XF + FL System

 Standard assembly and components shown above.

Standard assembly and components shown above.

XeroFlor + Fleece

The Ultra Light Built-Up 

XF + FL is our least expensive system option and offers the lightest, thinnest and easiest-to-install built-up system on the market. It is often the only solution for many projects dealing with limited structural load-bearing capacity and installation costs. Despite being the thinnest system on the market, the XF + FL still provides an excellent water retention capacity to weight ratio.

Weight: 8 lbs per sf