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Discover the benefits of XeroFlor's Pre-Vegetative Roof Systems. Manufactured in the US and Canada, our extensive, lightweight, green roof systems are CSA, FLL & Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Compliant.


XF + MW System

Standard assembly and components shown above.

Standard assembly and components shown above.

XeroFlor + Mineral Wool

The Hydrolight Built-Up 

The XF + MW built-up system is an upgraded alternative to the XF + GM lightweight built-up system. Using mineral wool instead of moisture mat improves the water retention capacity without substantially increasing the weight of the assembly. Excellent water retention to weight ratio combined with all the other features makes this assembly suitable for almost any type of project.  

Weight: 24 lbs per sf with 2" of media

Add 6.6 lbs for every additional inch of media depth